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Our material quality is core to offer long durability and minimize our environmental footprint. When we produce by order, we can minimize spill and waste and avoid over-consumption, unnecessary textile production.


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Why do you produce by order and don’t keep stock?

The short answer is that we want to address consumption in a responsible manner and have as little environmental impact as possible. A longer and more detailed explanation is that DIYTI is an e-commerce brand dedicated in sustainability and conscious consumption. Our mission is to work with our primary sustainability challengers and environmental impacts in an engaged and responsible manner. Our material quality is core to offer long durability and minimize our environmental footprint. When we produce on demand, we can minimize spill and waste and most of all avoid over-consumption and unnecessary textile production. Read more in our Quality and environmental policy.

What does a transparent production chain mean?

Our factories and partners are located in the EU for full transparency and insight of the production chain. By manufacturing in the EU, we can pay visits in the factories and assure that the protection of human rights and workers right principals are followed and that fundamental political freedoms are reinforced and respected. Wcan also ensure high quality of production, following stringent EU-regulations regarding use facilities and environmental rules.  

Why is the production made in Spain?

We are very meticulous about design and details and Spain is known worldwide for their craftmanshipsewing skills and one of few countries that can manage the production of DIYTIs high quality functional textiles.

Where can I find your material specification and quality test results?
Find our material specifications here:
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