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Design - Innovation - Yacht life - Textile - Interiors
Design - Innovation - Yacht life - Textile - Interiors

IYTI is a lifestyle brand offering sustainable and functional outdoor products with a timeless design for your boat and outdoor life. Our mission is to create an environmentally and sustainable brand with a wide range of innovative textile products that will last for generations. Our Scandinavian heritage inspires our design, sprung from simplicity, functionality, and elegance. We strive to challenge and develop a new and fresh take of outdoor design in a traditional market.

Our company values are to be kind to nature and humans. Therefore we always consider our environmental – and social responsibility, enabling our customers 100% transparency and traceability in our supply chain.


For us DIYTI is much more than a interior design brand for outdoors. It is a lifestyle brand where durability and sustainability are the company’s  cornerstones and philosophy.

The purpose of DIYTI is to make a positive change for home and boat interiors and to improve and complement existing furnitures for maritime and outdoor spaces by designing textile products that last for generations and that look new for years to come.

We want to contribute to a sustainable and responsible consumption, where attention is paid to each step in the value chain, from the manufacturing process made to order, with quality craftmanship and fair working conditions, to functional and durable materials and timeless designs.

By doing good, we enable our customers to take a holistic aproach and make smart investments, to consume thoughtfully and above all to reduce overconsumption.

In 2019 we realized our dreams and created DIYTI. A brand with the perfect combination of timeless design and exceptional outdoor functionalities, in a seamless blend of greatness.

Welcome to explore the world of DIYTI, a home for your ever lasting outdoor spaces.


Yours sincerely,

 Josefine & Sandra

Founders of DIYTI


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